Get Green Energy for Your Home

Posted By admin , on July 24, 2013 at 12:00 AM .
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Sustainable living and green energy get a lot of press these days, but many homeowners believe that upgrading a home with eco-friendly technology and employing sustainable building techniques is difficult or expensive. While new technology will often cost more due to its exclusivity, several affordable green energy options do exist today for homeowners seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

The simplest method for using green energy doesn’t actually require any change within the house, and relies entirely on the type of energy harnessed by an electricity provider. One of the first steps a homeowner should take to start using green energy is to search a website like to find different electricity suppliers that provide services based upon eco-friendly power like wind turbines.

A second, simple step that will help to reduce the electricity required by the average home is a look at all of the appliances and fixtures within the home. Traditional incandescent light bulbs use a tremendous amount of energy compared to new LED lights (which last for years) and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. In addition, a twenty-year-old refrigerator could be using a ton of energy when compared against the energy used by a new appliance. The energy used by new appliances is incredibly low compared with devices that were on the market just a decade ago.

For homeowners interested in significant change within the home toward green-friendly designs, the third phase of reducing the home’s carbon footprint would come from self-sustaining eco-friendly devices such as solar panels and wind turbines. An incredible amount of research on solar panels has been accomplished in the last several years, and researchers suggest that within the next decade, harnessing solar energy will no longer require bulky solar panels and will be available from paper-thin solar-cells.

Alternatively, there are some sustainable building techniques that may also reduce monthly electricity bills and energy usage, such as the installation of new windows and doors that won’t leak and allow cool air to escape in the summer. Also available are improved roofing tiles that feature a thermal barrier that reduces the need to run the air conditioner so often.

A homeowner must also consider that initial installation of green and renewable energy options that harness the power of biofuels, the wind, and the sun may require some initial investment, but the savings in cost will offer immense benefit. As green energy becomes more commonplace, homeowners may start to see reductions in monthly electricity bills as renewable options become less expensive to maintain than fossil fuel plants.

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