Buildings and Their Negative Impact on the Environment

Posted By admin , on June 9, 2013 at 12:00 AM .
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Throughout history, human beings have built shelters to survive amongst the harsh elements. From simple caves and straw huts to today’s skyscrapers, buildings are a constant throughout humanities existence.

Today, with over 8 billion people on the planet, hundreds of new buildings are built every day across the globe. While we think of buildings are marvels of modern construction, most do extreme harm to the environment. The more buildings in an area, the greater the environmental impact.Want more? Click here/tag

Buildings release carbon dioxide into the environment by disrupting the organic compounds in the soil. They also trap heat in the concrete and steel, raising the air temperature in cities. Phoenix is a prime example of how pavement and buildings increase the temperature in a city, as the cool desert nights are now warmer than in the past.

Buildings require water and electricity to operate properly. This water adds to the demand in the local area. The same with the demand for electricity. Water use and power production both alter the natural state of the environment around a town or city.

Even the green architecture movement still has some impact on the environment. No building can exist in today’s world without environmental disruption.

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